Andrew Beacock - CTO

startup cto / eng mgr / tech leader

I’m the CTO of Aturna, a legaltech startup focused on the US legal market. I’ve over 25 years of full stack software development experience including leading development teams, line-managing squads, and solving many business problems using my technical skills. Excellent at building relationships & explaining complex technical issues to non-technical people, I’m a massive fan of using analogies to aid understanding.

I’ve followed waterfall, agile and everything-in-between methodologies, as well as being an advocate of unit testing, test driven development & pair programming. I’ve been coding in Java since it was born back in 1996, but I’m experienced in other languages too.

I’ve spent a chunk of my career building telecoms carrier-grade resilient server-side mobile solutions, and over a decade building secure, fast, scalable web applications for the financial industry. I’ve lead & managed a 40-strong development team migrating from a large-scale Java e-commerce monolith to polyglot AWS microservices, was Head of Engineering for a PropTech scale-up, and now I’m here at Aturna.

I’m passionate about serverless & cloud computing and was a member of OWASP to help promote secure coding practices. Extremely comfortable working remotely having spent over half of my career working from home in the UK!

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I’m hosting this website via my GitHub repository, if you want to do the same then simply follow these instructions. The site is written in GitHub-flavoured Markdown, edited using the excellent & free VS Code with it’s live Markdown preview & Git integration.